Town of Colchester
Feb 20, 2020
Geoff Urbanik - Colchester Deputy Town Manager
Town of Colchester

The Proposed FY 21 Budget

The proposed budget maintains our current level of service and addresses significant needs in emergency services caused by slow, steady growth over past decades. The Operating Budget is comprised of twenty-five service categories. The expenses of eight of these service categories have been reduced and sixteen have increased. Before factoring in non-tax revenues, the operating budget increase is 0.0%.

Major changes include: Fire services: Rescue: Public Safety Dispatch:

Estimated 21 Tax Rate

Considering prior voter approvals for capital items, the use of $504,312 of the Local Option Tax revenues to pay for debt and an estimated 1.18% growth due to investments in Colchester properties, the estimated municipal tax rate for FY 2021 will be $0.5485. The tax rate is projected to increase by $0.0056 (a little more than one half of one cent) or a 1.02% increase over the prior year.