This award is given to the Rotarian who made the biggest contribution to the success of the Club for this Rotary year.  All club events, projects, initiatives to be successful require a chair/leader that can deliver.
From basic leadership, to delegation, to a willingness to fill in the gaps to ensure an event’s success these are the attributes of a strong chairperson and active Rotarian.
It is this commitment and drive and a Signature event that combined those leadership skills with a perfect blend of member commitment to our Community, to Fundraising and to Rotarian Engagement. When we think of the Colchester-Milton Rotary Club one of the 1st projects that comes to mind is our Colchester “Holiday Basket Program. Ron led this event and like a great chef combined all the ingredients into a fantastic meal for needy families in the Colchester area. Knowing when to be a “doer” and when to be a “delegator” were instrumental.  
When I think of Ron what comes to mind is his weekly shout out of “Thanks for playing”  which always brings a chuckle to the club members and how his absence leaves a silent void.
We should all strive to be like Ron; engaged, compassionate and committed in whatever we do and don’t forget to add a pinch of humor.