The Colchester-Milton Rotary Club held they're own Green Up Day on Thursday May 9th, 2009.
In one hour club members hauled out 3 pick up trucks of trash on Rt 7 in Sunny Hollow (Colchester) and there was still at least that much left to pick up!
Colchester Police Chief Chuck Kirker, Rotary Club member and long time Colchester Green Up Day Organizer, reserved this stretch of highway specifically for the Colchester-Milton Rotary Club so it was not cleaned on the actual Green Up Day on May 2nd.  
The club has decided to "adopt" this section of Rt. 7 and to make regular visits to ensure it's cleanliness. The club also is investigating greening up another section of Rt. 7 in Milton - most likely in Chimney Corners.
Photo: Club Member Kevin Endres more pictures