Due to the unprecedented flooding of the Colchester waterfront regions, the Colchester - Milton Rotary is organizing our entire community to assist with the clean up.  For two days, we will remove debris from neighborhoods and beaches.  We have engaged an assortment of professionals that will be on site with heavy equipment but this effort will require the hands of as many of our community members as possible. Join us for two days of helping our friends and neighbors as well as preserving our twenty-seven miles of shoreline.


June 25 -
8 am till 8 pm and June 26 - 10 am till 5 pm

Team Home Base: Airport Park

All Parking:
will be at Colchester High School and Colchester Middle School. You will be transported by bus to Airport Park.

Water and food:
will be provided throughout the day.

One plain, white T-shirt to wear.  Team info will be written on it at the park. Wear sunscreen & Gloves! NO Sandals.  Closed toe shoes only!

All children under middle school age must be accompanied by an adult!

Please Use The link Below to Volunteer.  

By Completing the form you are stating: I understand that this is a volunteer event. I waive any right to hold the Colchester-Milton Rotary, or the Town of Colchester liable in the event I injure myself.