What is a Calcutta?
You may be wondering "what the heck is a Calcutta?" Well, here ya go!
How does a Calcutta work?
Ping pong balls numbered 1 – 100 are placed in a 'bag' and are drawn out 1 at a time (less any identified auction balls) this year we will be auctioning off balls #50 and 100.
Once your ball is drawn you are out of the running for the $2,000 grand prize – unless you have insurance
How does insurance work?
Prior to the 1st ball being drawn, insurance can be purchased. This allows the holder 1 chance to return their ball to the mix (an actual 2nd chance)
Insurance is valid from the 1st ball to the 90th ball pulled. It expires once the final 10 are identified.
The Final 10?
Once we have 10 balls left, we place chairs on the stage for the top 10 folks.
At any time prior to the next ball being pulled the finalists can agree to split the monies and the event ends, but this decision must be unanimous. If not unanimous than a ball is pulled and that person loses their chance to win. This continues on until the finalists all agree to split or there is only 1 person left. 
Auction Balls?
2 balls are pre-selected and NOT placed in the bag at the start of the event.
Once the 80th ball is pulled, one of the “auction balls” is auctioned off to the highest bidder and placed in the 'bag' giving that person a 1 in 20 chance of winning.
Once the 90th ball is pulled we auction off the final remaining ball to the highest bidder giving that person a 1 in 10 chance of winning.
Insurance is not available for nor can be used on the auctioned balls.
10th ball prizes?
The 1st and every 10th ball pulled will receive a door prize. Previous door prizes have included liquor, wine, gift cards…
Other activities?
In addition to the Calcutta, we also sell 50:50 tickets and a silent auction that ends prior to the final 10 and the auction winners are announced.
Purchase Tickets
Use this form to go to PayPal to buy tickets to the Calcutta.  Choose with or without insurance below, and list the names of all attendees per ticket.  Once you click Buy Now, you can change the quantity you are purchasing to match the list of names you provide.  You can also provide more information at PayPal in the Instructions to seller section.  thank you for supporting our Club's charitable activity!
Calcutta Ticket Options
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