The Colchester-Milton Rotary celebrated the 4th of July alongside the Town of Colchester in the annual Colchester Parade. Along the parade route, we proudly distributed 1,500 American Flags to children, seniors, and Veterans, spreading a sense of patriotism and unity. A dedicated group supporting "Operation Flags for Heroes" marched alongside us, paying tribute to our beloved nation.
The spirit of honoring our heroes continues to soar in Chittenden County, where over 100 flags proudly wave at Dick Mazza's general store, RR Charlebois, and Age Well. Additionally, our esteemed 10 Business Sponsors have joined hands to display these symbols of pride at their respective locations.

Adding to the parade's theme, a remarkable float depicting the historic signing of the Declaration of Independence was graciously provided by our flag sponsor, Catamount Real Estate. Their participation added an extra touch of grandeur to the festivities.

If you share our desire to honor a local hero, a Veteran, a cherished family member, an emergency response provider, or anyone else important to you, we extend a warm invitation to contact the Colchester Milton Rotary Club. By dedicating a personal plaque to that special person, you can create a lasting tribute to their remarkable contributions. Reach out to us at PO Box 82, Colchester, VT, or visit our website to learn more. We look forward to connecting with you and celebrating the extraordinary individuals who make our community shine.